Eyeglass repair and jewelry repair at Elie Jewelers
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Eyeglass repair
in 3 simple steps (from $29.95)

  1. Print out our mail-in form
    and fill it out.

  2. Place your glasses ( including all parts) wrapped in tissues into a small box ( we recommend the Video Priority Box at the Post Office-free with priority shipping)
  3. Print out our address label, affix it to the box and send the box off via Priority Mail (it has proven quite reliable).
    Insure your package if needed.

    Once we receive your eyeglasses they will be repaired right away and sent back within 1 - 3 days

Titanium Eyeglass Repairs

Titanium Eyeglasses are more and more popular and you can get a pair for a small amount if you don't buy the big designer brands.

However there are a few you things you should know.

Titanium eyeglasses are nearly never made from pure Titanium.

They are mostly made of Titanium alloys of varying qualities.

Titanium frames cannot be repaired with a torch !

because the heat will destroy the titanium and the oxygen will oxidyze the frame and make it brittle.

To repair Titaniumglasses we use our Laser welder with an

Argon environment to create an oxygen free environment and

we use a special alloy welding wire.

We guarantee our repair for 1 month


From $39.90 we repair your Titanium eyeglasses and send

them back within a few days.


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The biggest mistakes in repairing

Titanium glasses

1) Never use Superglue to re-glue your glasses.
The glue joint will not last but the Titanium will be contaminated.

2) Never use Epoxy glue to repair your glasses.
Epoxy is even weaker than Superglue and is harder to remove.

3) Don't use a soldering iron and solder to resolder your glasses.
The solder is too soft to hold and it also will contaminate the Titanium

4) Never let anyone with a torch try to fix these glasses!
They will most likely burn the metal and it will become brittle internally