Eyeglass repair and jewelry repair at Elie Jewelers
Photos of Eyeglasses before and after the Laser repair
Eyeglasses broken into 3 parts
Eyeglass breakage closeup
Eyeglasses after laser repair
Closeup of repaired glasses- looking like new

Titanium Eyeglass Repair

Stainless Steel Eyeglass Repair

Sun Glasses Repair

Designer Eye Glass Repair

Our Laser Welder
with Argon chamber
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This Laser welder
has a built-in Argon chamber
which prevents Oxygen to
oxydize the Titanium alloys
that most eyeglasses
are made of.

Let us answer some of YOUR questions about getting your eyeglasses repaired professionally.

1. How can I make sure that you can safely repair my glasses?

We will take great care of your glasses while they are with us in repair. Every pair of glasses gets thoroughly examined in our Laser
••••••••••••••under 50 x magnification••••••••••••••.
At 50 X we can make sure we don't miss any problems that are invisible to the naked eye. Once we confirm the exact breakage point, we clean the area, and proceed to the laser to weld the metal back together in an Argon atmosphere that prevents oxidation.

With the precise - no heat - laser-weld your glasses will be nearly like new after the repair.

2. Will it be easy for me to get this repair done?

It is very easy to send us your glasses. Just print out the Eyeglass repair mail in form, fill it out and send it with your glasses in a sturdy box to our address on the form. We recommend Priority Mail (with insurance if desired).

To save time just print out our mailing label here:

3. Will it take a lot of my time to ship the eyeglasses out?

It will take you only a few minutes to fill out the form and pack your glasses. Then a few minutes at the post office and your glasses are on their way to repair.


If you want to fill out the Shipping label online you can do that at the United States Postal Service site here.

You will have to fill out your information and Credit card info but you will save the time at the post office since you can just drop the package off at the counter or mail receptacle without waiting. This whole process will be quicker then trying to find a local place that can perform a professional repair.

Usually it takes 1-3 days for one-way shipping, 1-3 days for the repair to get shipped back, so after a week or so you have your glasses back intact.

If you are in a hurry you can send to us by any EXPRESS SHIP method and we will work on the glasses the SAME DAY we receive them.

4. Is this Laser eyeglass repair the only solution to my problem, or will it require others?

To repair your eyeglasses with the laser and Argon chamber is the safest method for repair. Since there is very little heat and no oxygen your glasses finish will not be affected by the repair.

Most of our clients can't even tell where the glasses were repaired.

Usually we align your frames during the repair so you don't have to go to an optician to get that done. If you need work done on your lenses, however, you need to see an optician

5. What if the eyeglass repair doesn't work?

If, for some reason, the repair is not possible we will contact you right away.

6. What if something goes wrong?

When we repair your glasses we protect or remove the lens during the welding process. We carefully assemble the frame so there will be no marks on the finish of the frame.

7. Can I afford this laser repair of my eyeglass?

For $39.95 ( in most cases) your glasses will be useable for another few years if cared for properly. This is a fraction of the cost of new glasses.

8. What will my friends, family, or peers say?

Once you are satisfied with our repair please share this option with your friends and family. We are sure your friends will be impressed with this inexpensive solution to keep your eyeglasses for a few more years.

9. Do I really need this Laser repair of my glasses?

There are many ways to repair broken eyeglass frames, but we have found out that Laser welding seems the longest lasting of the available repairs.

Eyeglass repairs that don't work or hurt the finish of the frame are:

  • Lead solder
  • Repair with jewelers torch
  • Epoxy.

We do not recommend trying these repairs because the frames get contaminated or worse.

10. Am I sure that I know enough about it?

We hope we answred most of your questions about our eyeglass repair. If you still have a question feel free to check all the FAQs on this page or call us at 360-525-EYE5(3935).

11. Am I sure I know enough about the company selling it to me?

Here at Elie Design we have repaired several thousand eyeglasses over the last seven years. However you can also visit our Jewelry store to find out more about us: eliedesign.com

12. What if this is not the right version of eyeglass repair?

Most broken eyeglasses that we repair are made of some titanium (or other) alloy that needs to be repaired in an Argon chamber with little heat.

We have come across many versions of breaking points, material strength, size of frame, proximity to heat sensitive parts or finish.

We are quite experienced in most scenarios but if you have something unusual to repair please contact us.

Eyeglass repair in 3 simple steps
(from $39.95)

  1. Print out our eyeglass repair order form and fill it out.
  2. Place your glasses (including all parts) wrapped in tissues into a small box (we recommend the Video Priority Mail Box at the Post Office-free with priority shipping)
  3. Print out our address label, affix it to the box and send the box off via Priority Mail (it has proven quite reliable). Insure your package if needed.

Once we receive your eyeglasses they will be repaired right away and sent back within a few days.

Thousands of successful eyeglass repairs.

See a few of the styles we work on in the eyeglass repair gallery

Titanium Eyeglass Repair: from $39.95

Stainless Steel Eyeglass Repair: from $39.95

Brand Name Eyeglass Repair.

We can repair most brand name eyeglasses - if they are made of metal frames or have broken metal hinges (titanium alloy and stainless steel).

Eyeglass Brands A - F Brands G - P Brands R - Z
Airlock Gaultier Ralph Lauren
Armani Gucci RayBan
Aspen Guess Saks Fifth Avenue
Bill Blass Harley Davidson Shiseido
Calvin Klein Hilfiger Silhouette
Carrera Hugo Boss Tanos
Cartier Hush- Puppies Tura
Cazal Jones - NY Valentino
Chaps Laura Ashley Vera Wang
Diesel Modo Yves St Laurent
Dior Napoleon
Dolce Gabbana Phillippe Charriol
Fendi Porsche
Flexon PRADA