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An example of
a jewelry re-design:

We took the tennis bracelet and removed one I-link and one t-link to shorten it

laser, jewelry restoration, eyeglass repair, jewelry, restoration, eyeglassrepair Intricate fine repairs can now be accomplished
without damaging the piece.

The very small heat and the exact performance of the LASER allows our bench jeweler to be exact and save the ancient - or heat sensitive stone or enamel while restoring the precious heirloom to new glory.
We can repair gold , silver, platinum, titanium, costume jewelry, fashion jewelry. Even some old base metal heirlooms can now be restored.


Because of our extensive knowledge that comes with over 15 years of dealing in jewelry we are able to repair or restore your broken, damaged or neglected heirlooms. 

Let us give you a free estimate of cost and time needed.** 

** If you have a digital camera, scanner or copy machine available, send us a picture of the piece and we can give you a rough estimate. Please contact us to make appropriate arrangements for more expensive jewelry.

However if your jewelry repair is simple(1 or 2 welds) and your jewelry is of moderate value (costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, silver jewelry, sentimental heirlooms or inexpensive gold jewelry)
you can use our
jewelry repair mail-in form

and the repair starts from $29.95 (incl. shipping)

laser, jewelry restoration, jewelry, restoration,
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laser, jewelry restoration, jewelry, restoration, Beautiful pieces like these can be restored ...or even manufactured by the skilled bench jeweler with the help of our LASER.
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As you can see the LASER is applied right next to the hands of the Jeweler...

and the jeweler would KNOW when it gets too hot!

Because of this great ability to PIN-point the energy repairs that were off-limits before can now safely conducted without compromising or destroying the ancient treasure.

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laser, jewelry restoration, jewelry, restoration
Then we cut the I link gently
in 2 halves and
made earrings out of them
The t-link became a pendant.

A beautiful use of material

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Here you see the pendant before assembly